Please be aware that we use a very special-texture fabric which means that you have to treat it with love.

Follow our care instructions to help lengthen the life of your swimsuit.

A good rinsing will help increase the life of your suit, preferably hand rise inside out.
If you want to wash it, do it by hand. 
Clothes will shed fewer microfibers if you wash your garments by hand in cold water.

If you choose to use soap to wash your swimsuit, only use a mild, chemical free soap. We suggest using Dr. Bronner's or a free & clear dish soap.

Let it Air-Dry.
Never put your swimsuit through a washing machine or dryer.
Never dry clean, iron or bleach.

Avoid rough surfaces to avoid snagging.

To gently remove stains, try using a chemical free soap 

Direct heat will ruin the integrity of your swimsuit over time.
Believe it or not but, But Nylon can actually melt in high heat.
Try not to swim in super hot water and never dry your suit in a dryer.


If you have any further questions regarding quality or general care, please contact us via